The ultimate CRM for Talent Supply Management


Manage talent as efficiently as you manage a sale. Replicatable, frequent touch and intelligence to make the right pitch to the right person at the right time.

An intelligent, automated, next generation talent relationship manager that better enables the sourcing, management and engagement of key talent to meet your competitive business needs. A simple, insightful and robust solution to understand, engage, nurture relationships and drive recruitment success in your organization and manage the talent pipeline with scale.

Total integration into the Applicant Tracking System to allow abandoned applications and second best candidates to enter the Talent Relationship Manager, to secure and maintain relationships, share invites to relevant events and intelligently recommend appropriate moments to reach out to talent.


Building a talent pipeline and ensuring a long term strategy for sourcing talent is critical. In so doing, time to hire is reduced, disruption to the business due to vacancies is minimized, a higher success in interviews can be expected given existing relationship and insight into candidates, reductions on hiring costs are achieved and most importantly, an up to date treasure chest of the best talent is available to your organization.

Key Features

Conversation Tracking

Automatic integration into Exchange (and other messaging platforms) to show all communications, documents and exchanges with talent.

Talent Self Service

A streamlined solution to engage with talent, maintain up-to-date contact information, introduce potential opportunities and drive brand and opportunity engagement.

Custom Landing Pages

On-The-Fly creation of on-boarding pages for events and job fairs, embeddable into existing or third party websites, to capture information quickly and easily. Automated email follow ups and reminder functionality.

Event Management

Create and manage events from invitiations, landing pages and eligible participation to scheduling and automated talent tracking with rapid onboarding.

Job Requisition Conversion

Ready to invite talent to apply for a job via single click integration into the ATS, to create a candidate profile and automatically invite them to apply.

Intelligent Reminders

Notifications to remind users to respond to emails, send updates or flag an opportunity to start a conversation – such as a new job role or congratulate an achievement.

Social Intelligence

View talent social presence and intelligently identify opportunities to engage and demonstrate thought leadership.

E-Mail Marketing & Automation

Create rule based automated marketing campaigns to engage talent, keep in contact and provide updates and information specific to both talent profile and aligned to your recruitment processes.

Flags, Tags & More

From short term graduate opportunities to long term recruits – organize, tag and manage the pipeline to align with your enterprise's strategy and operations.

Collaborative Recruitment

Fill urgent requirements for specific roles, location or other needs. Allow talent to be marked as “shared” to enable a simple interface for global talent pipeline to be searched and a marketing action to be taken.

A little bit of tech...

ManageTalent can be deployed globally with support for multiple languages and custom region controls around data collection and storage.

From The ATS

Automatically push second best candidates directly into the CRM with the whole conversation.

Into The ATS

Directly invite talent to apply for specific JobReqs and create candidate profiles.

Talent Self Service

Maintain evergreen information from a variety of services and social integrations.

Global Talent View

Include CRM Talent into the Global Extended Workforce search to find potential candidates

Outlook Sync

E-Mail, Tasks & Calendar seamlessly syncs between the CRM and Outlook. CRM sent E-Mails are in Outlook Sent Items.

API, XML & More

Expose data from the CRM into any other system or platform via. REST API or XML feeds.

Event Management

Integrate with existing event management to push invitations and manage signups.

Who we are

ManageTalent is an application designed and built with customers, delivering competitive advantage in a competitive marketplace.

ManageTalent is owned by EnterpriseJungle, an enterprise software company focused on extending the functionality and ability of existing HRIS applications for large enterprises.

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